It's easy to make your bathtub non slip with Johnny Grip

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bathtub non slip

Three steps to a non slip bathtub

1. Apply Johnny Grip. Clean the surface of the tub and let dry. Pour Johnny Grip on the bottom of the tub/shower and use a sponge to cover the area you would like to treat.

2. Let the product sit & work for 20 minutes while making sure the area stays wet.

3. Rinse it away.
If you are treating a shower stall, turn the water on, move the shower head around to allow water to flow on all treated areas, and rinse the Johnny Grip down the drain. If your shower head does not allow you to spray water onto all treated areas, use a cup or other container to pour water onto treated areas. Once all treated ares have been throughly rinsed, you are finished.

If you are treating a bathtub, plug the tub, fill it with water, then drain the tub and you are ready to enjoy your new, non slip bathtub!

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This awesome product, is designed to make tubs or tile non slip when they are wet. It is super easy to apply. You will then have a non slip bathtub or tile that will be much safer. This is the same product that has been seen on TV and featured in Handy Man Magazine. We offer a full 100% money back guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied we will send you your money back in 15 days or less. So if a non slip tub or tile is what you are looking for you have come to the right place.
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Featured in Handyman Magazine

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