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  • Indoors - Outdoors
  • Fixes Slippery Wet Tile Floors.
  • Works on Bathtubs and Showers, Too
  • Permanently Safer Floors
  • Invisible Treatment - Not a Coating
  • Mop On - Rinse Off - You're Done
  • Money Back Guarantee


Handyman Magazine
Featured in Handyman Magazine
About Johnny Grip
Not a coating, Johnny Grip mop on/rinse off anti-slip treatment is proven to make wet tile floors slip-resistant. It works so well that Handyman Magazine decided to run a feature article on it.

Indoors or outdoors, you can have non slip tile floors, non slip bathtub, or non slip shower floors in just minutes. Improves safety and prevents slip-fall accidents in your kitchen or bathroom, restaurant, hotel, or anywhere with slippery tile. Johnny Grip is a proven anti-slip tile treatment that mops on and rinses off to fix slippery tile floors and slippery tubs forever - Guaranteed or your money back.